Corbett Maths: ‘Videos and Worksheets’
Pick a topic, watch the video, answer the questions, check your answers. If you have struggled, consider re-watching the video

Corbett Maths: ‘5 a day’
You have a choice of Bronze (easiest), Silver, Gold or Platinum (hardest).

Hegarty Maths
This is only for Year 6 students. Your teacher will have set you tasks. Watch the video and then take the quiz. If you have got less than 80%, re-watch the video. Remember: your teacher can see how long you have watched the video for and how long you have spent on the task

Please email your teacher if you can not remember your username and password. Your teacher will have set you tasks. Go through the lesson and then take the quiz. If you are struggling, go through the lesson again and then have another go at the quiz.

BBC Bitesize
Pick a subject area, watch the video and have a go at the activities

Times Tables

Select one of the times tables you wish to practise from and show what you can do on the speed test

Maths Games

There are lots of interactive games and activities to choose from

Practical Maths at home

  • Time – reading the clock – adding and taking away time – how long until…how long since…
  • Measuring – kitchen maths – baking and mixing items – using jugs and scales to measure and read scales. Older children can convert between ml and litres, grams and kg etc.
  • Counting – using pasta, grains of rice etc.
  • Fractions – finding half, quarter etc. – cutting up food, dividing out amounts of things
  • Money – playing shop and counting money

Parents Evening Maths Resources