Afterschool Clubs

We are linked with several local providers for play centre provision and children who attend these are picked up from Brecknock daily and escorted by an adult. Our children mainly attend Camden Square. You can obtain information about the different providers from the school office.

At Brecknock Primary School we offer children a huge variety of morning, lunchtime and after school clubs for children in Year 1 – 6. These include art, homework, gardening, mandarin, sewing, Arsenal Double club and a wide variety of sporting activities. These change termly but registration is organised through the office. Charges vary, but we are always willing to support financially any children who would benefit from the club.

To join a club or for more information, speak with the office.

For information for after school provision for children in Nursery and Reception, please see the extended hours section.

After School Clubs Summer 2024


Nursery Extended hours

Children in the Early Years (2yo Nursery, Nursery and Reception) are able to access our Extended Hours provision. This provision, available only to our youngest children, enables the children to stay at school until up to 6pm every day.

The Extended Hours service takes place in the EYFS environment, where the children play, have a provided snack and relax. Children can attend for as many days as needed in the week, however we require a half term’s notice for any changes. Please note that the children do not receive a hot meal.

The costs are as follows:

£8 per day until 5pm

£13 per day until 6pm

There is a late charge of £6 if you do not pick your child up by 6pm.

Click here to access the EYFS Extended Hours Agreement.

Please contact the school office if you require further information about this service or would like to book.