Welcome to the home learning page for our Nursery children in both Mersea and Bishop Rock.

Here you will find lots of enticing and engaging activities to support your child’s learning as we navigate through this difficult time. I will upload projects to keep both minds and bodies busy each week – please do continue to check these pages regularly.


Please don’t hesitate to email me (Rachel) should you need any further guidance – or support!


Don’t forget to upload pictures and videos (maximum of 30 seconds) to our assessment and tracking platform – Early Excellence. You received your parent log in pass codes in the Autumn term.

Click here to access your parent log in if you haven’t already done so. I can re send your code if you have misplaced it – just drop me an email at


I have created a GMail account for the Nursery children and families. It’s here that we can access ‘Google Hangout‘. If you would like some screen time – email me here and we can catch up screen face to screen face!


Weekly Projects

1.) Dinosaurs project – Please click here to access the suggested learning

2.) Sea Creatures – Please click here to access the suggested learning

3.) Plants and Animals project – Please click here to access the suggested learning

4.) Pirates project – Please click here to access the suggested learning


Music – Listening Focus

David Bowie narrating the classic story of Peter and the Wolf – click here

Listen to music made for film and television – BBC Ten Pieces ‘Trail Blazers’ – click here

The Remarkable Farkle McBride – An introduction to the instruments of the orchestra – click here

Meet the instruments of the orchestra – with Bleeckie (the muppet) – click here


Music – Body Percussion Focus

Beat Goes On – Loads of fun body percussion activities on Youtube – click here

Hand Clapping Games – Songs with Body Percussion (aimed at pairs working together) – click here


Music – Singing Focus

Down Music School website – FULL of singing opportunities to join in with – click here

Singing Games videos – click here


Here are some great online resources to dip in and out of:

60 minute medley of Nursery Rhymes

Counting songs



iPlayer Cbeebies

Storytime every weekday with Chris Horton – 5pm



Tate Art for Kids

Free Audio Books




Monday 23rd March updates

The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read Alouds & Activities – what an amazing resource! Lots of the Nursery children’s favourite authors reading online…

Click here to access

IXL Learning is a website that can support early literacy and numeracy – though it is aimed at Reception aged children, with some concrete resources and some help from a big brother or sister, I reckon some of our Nursery wizz kids could achieve great success here! Use pasta as counters, ask the big kids or an adult at home to draw a number line to 10 and… you’re off!

Click here to access the numeracy challenges

Click here to access the literacy challenges


Cosmic Kids Yoga is FUN! The Nursery children and I have logged in loads to this site on a rainy afternoon – so they’re already experts here! Warning – you will need a screen large enough to see, some carpet or grass space and some bare feet!

Click here to be brave and have a go! (Bonus points for adults joining in too)


Alistair Bryce-Clegg is one of my favourite human beings – he is an inspirational Early Years consultant and I have been so fortunate to have met him several times at his workshops and conferences. You’ll need to get your hands dirty here…

Click here to access his treasure trove of activities


Tuesday 24th updates

The Sing Up site has opened part of its fee paying site free to parents and carers at home!

Click here to access songs with lyrics and actions amongst other activities. There are songs about life cycles which is the theme we were thinking about in Spring 2.


If your kids are tired of sitting around and need to get up and shake it all about The Mommy Poppins site has some great ideas.

Click here to access some great indoor games and activities – you might need a big kid or adult to help!


Wednesday 25th updates 

Get the kids into the kitchen! Click here for BBC kiddo friendly recipes.


Thursday 26th updates 

The Reading Eggs page is offering a 30 day free subscription. Click here to check it out.


Friday 27th updates

Feel like getting icky? Click here to get your mits around some home science! Slime, chemical reactions and general goopy recipes – click here!


White Rose Maths has some great maths support ideas and step by step guides on how to move your child’s maths forward. Though aimed at Reception children – there are some maths experts in our Nursery – so give it a go with a big brother or sister or an adult. I’d love to see some photos! Click here