At Brecknock we recognise that music plays an important part in helping children to feel part of a community, and so we provide opportunities for all children to create, play, perform and enjoy music both in class and to an audience. Through assemblies, concerts and key stage performances children are able to showcase their understanding of how to perform with awareness of others. Lessons enable children to develop their skills, appreciate a wide variety of musical forms, and begin to make judgements about the quality of music.


  • To enjoy and have an appreciation for music.
  • To listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions.
  • To sing and use their voices to create different effects.
  • To create and compose music, both on their own and with others.
  • To use a range of musical language.
  • To make judgements and express personal preferences about the quality and style of music.
  • To have opportunities to play a wide variety of instruments, both un-tuned and tuned.
  • To use technology as part of lessons.
  • To take part in performances with an awareness of audience.


Music is at the heart of the curriculum and ethos at Brecknock. We are fortunate to have Rod Arran as a full time music teacher. He works with classes, teaching Recorder and Samba, and with groups of children before and after school encouraging them to develop their skills on a variety of instruments.

His website showcases lots of the amazing music we learn at Brecknock. There is even our own area! For example, click here to see the music children learn when using the recorder.

Rod works alongside staff to find ways of enriching and enhancing our curriculum through music. We are fully equipped with a digital music suite, and children have opportunities to weave music composition, animation and a variety of multi-media techniques through other curriculum work.

Children are encouraged to join the choir and we participate regularly in music events across Camden. The Camden choirs all gather to sing together in Camden and at The Royal Albert Hall.

We have a peripatetic piano teacher who gives private piano lessons to our children during school time through the Camden Music Service. We also host the Camden Junior Music Academy (CAMJAM) every Saturday where children from aged 3 to 11 can access a wide range of music provision including singing, drumming, piano and many other instruments. For all information linked to the Camden Music service, including application forms for music lessons at Brecknock and CAMJAM, please click here.