Curriculum Intent

We are proud of the opportunities we provide to children at Brecknock Primary School. We rigorously teach core skills to ensure children enter each stage of their learning confident and ready to be challenged. We also ensure children are exposed to a range of rich, engaging arts and cultural experiences that are vital to their well-being and holistic development, including musical instrument lessons, a range of after-school clubs, artists in residence, theatre and museum trips and concerts in school. We aim to equip children with the knowledge, skills and values they need in order to embrace the opportunities and challenges they encounter, leaving them ready for their next stage in life.

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum. Content is sequenced and teaching is designed to help children remember what they have learnt and to integrate new knowledge into larger ideas. There is a clear and coherent curriculum design which encourages children to make cross curricular links within their own year group and to make connections with prior learning in each subject as they move through the school. Knowledge organizers capture the key knowledge and vocabulary that will be covered and the skills progression documents in each subject help ensure teachers plan so children are building on their learning and are being continually challenged.


  • to ensure all children have the opportunities and support to succeed
  • to develop confident, articulate, and resilient children who are ready to face the challenges of modern society
  • to provide opportunities for children take risks, learn from mistakes, and discover, explore, and develop passions that they will take into adulthood
  • to spark the curiosity of the children and engage them in finding out about people, places, ideas, and their history and how all these have contributed to the way the world is now
  • to educate children about how to live responsible, safe and healthy lives
  • to engage with our community and involve them within the learning experience

As a Rights Respecting Gold School, the teaching and understanding of children’s rights weaves throughout the curriculum. We are committed to placing the values and principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of our policies and practice. We believe that British Values are also global values, enshrined in the UNCRC and we teach the children to be responsible citizens and positive representatives of the United Kingdom within the wider world. It is important to us that children recognise their rights but also acknowledge the rights of others. Understanding that link is at the heart of our school ethos. We ensure that children understand and demonstrate the importance of mutual respect, good manners and excellent standards of behaviour and this is demonstrated in class charters. Our School has a wonderfully diverse community and welcomes and values everyone, whatever their ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality or background. We celebrate the diverse nature of our school by relating the curriculum to relevant cultures in lessons and assemblies and promote this during community events that celebrate differences and bring parents, carers, and staff together.

At Brecknock Primary School, we want every child at the school to shine BRIGHT. In doing so, we promote, encourage, and model the following core values through our curriculum:


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