Regular attendance and punctuality at school gives your child the best possible start in life. Children who are not in school miss important learning and opportunities to develop friendships and social skills.

We encourage children to be resilient. If they are ill, they need to stay at home to get well. However single absences because a child does not feel like coming to school are worrying. We work with parents to encourage children to be motivated and happy at school and not to keep children at home unless it is really necessary.

We do not authorise holidays in term time and expect parents to arrange to visit their home countries during school holidays.

Doors are opened to the building for our ‘Soft Start’ at 8.50am every morning. Children can make their way up to class from then for a 9am start. We believe punctuality is extremely important and children will thrive when parents are able to organise their household in a way that ensures they are able to be here for the soft start, so everyone gets a chance to chat with their friends and teacher before lessons start promptly at 9am with the register. At Brecknock – 2 minutes late is still late!


Some key attendance facts:

·         Only 8% of students with poor attendance (below 80%) achieve five or more GCSEs at A* to C

·         A child with 85% attendance will miss 29 days in a year – half a term of learning lost!

·         Attending 90% of the time or less will have a serious effect on learning, up to the age of 16, 90% attendance will mean losing over a year of school

·         One day’s absence every two weeks will give 90% attendance.