Regular attendance and punctuality at school gives your child the best possible start in life. Children who are not in school miss important learning and opportunities to develop friendships and social skills.

We encourage children to be resilient. If they are ill, they need to stay at home to get well. We work with parents to encourage children to be motivated and happy at school.

We do not authorise holidays in term time and expect parents to arrange to visit their home countries during school holidays.

Doors are opened to the building  at 8.50am every morning. The bell goes at 8.55am so the children are lined up and are in class for a 9.00am start. We believe punctuality is extremely important and children will thrive when parents are able to organise their mornings in a way that ensures they are able to be here on time so everyone gets a chance to chat with their friends and teacher before lessons start promptly at 9.00am with the register. At Brecknock – 2 minutes late is still late!

Please support your child to be ready for school with their books and bags ready to encourage a prompt morning routine. Children arriving late to school miss vital learning and school routines which can create anxiety as children arrive unsettled. If you find arriving at school on time challenging, please speak with staff and find solutions together. We look forward to helping establish positive learning routines together.  Please remember there is Breakfast Club provision from 8am. This can be arranged via the office

The admin and inclusion team contact parents regularly to support attendance and punctuality. Our Child and Family Support Worker, Ashleigh Jones, works across the Brecknock and Torriano Federation, supporting families with attendance as part of her role.