Skittles Art

During Science week Reception have been trying lots of different experiments. One of these was called Skittles art. We had lots of different types of the Skittles sweets, ordinary, sour and berry flavoured. They came in lots of different colours.

We wanted to find out if we could remove the colours from the sweets and if we could arrange them into a pattern and see what would happen if water was dripped onto them.We each had a plate and arranged our different coloured sweets on the plate. We used a pipette to carefully add water to each sweet making sure each one was wet thoroughly.

We were amazed and excited that the colours from the skittles began to merge into the water and then the colours in the water joined other colours to form new colours. Someone described this as though the Skittles had melted! We were amazed to see that all Skittles were white underneath the outer coloured  coating.

Look at our Skittle art and  some of the new colours that were made. This is an easy experiment for you to try at home.