Science Week in Nursery

Wow another busy week with the focus on science and lots of exploration in Nursery!

We have been looking at our giant African snails, building our own boats and seeing if they would float or sink. Magnet play has featured as one of our experiments testing objects to see if they were magnetic or not.. We have been playing with cornflour and coloured glittery water and discovered that if you press or squeeze it hard it will turn hard (solid) and if you handle it gently it remains/returns to liquid. You can try this at home.

We saw a video that helped to explain  why this happened. Corn flour  has the same properties as custard. Did you know that if you filled a swimming pool with custard you could quickly walk on top of it from one end of the pool to the other without sinking??

But …Beware, if you stop moving you will sink and it will be really hard to get out especially if you struggle