Hour of Code Week – Day 3

This morning Year 6 had their turn at coding as part of the ‘Hour of Code’ week. They used the activities to code angry birds and zombies using simple movements as well as more complex loops and functions. They all did really well with many making it onto the extension challenge, to code their own ‘Flappy birds’ games.

Click here to have a look at the activities they were using and have a go.

Then in the afternoon it was into Year 1 with the iPads and the children showed fantastic logic problem solving skills using the ‘Path Puzzler’ App. Don and Toni were very impressed with their level of skills – some of them made it to the hardest levels and said it was ‘Easy!’ Then they moved on to using the Beebot program to programme a Beebot to navigate a maze and reach a flower. This was a very challenging activity for them but some of the children were so good they even made it onto the higher levels where they had to programme their Beebot to herd sheep! Well done to them all for taking part with such enthusiasm.