Classe 5 est arrive en France!

Year 5 had a safe and pleasant journey to France on their super comfy coach! Everyone was excited when we got pulled over by the transport patrol near the O2 Arena, but it was just for a routine check, and we passed! Going in to the Channel Tunnel was awesome! We had our own compartment and it only took 30 minutes, and then we appeared in France. The drive was quite long, but we entertained ourselves with music, a few movies and had a few stops at services to stretch our legs and refuel. We finally made it to the Chateau de Grande Romaine at around 7pm and went straight for our first dinner (which was delicious!), then a site tour and games. At around 9pm we went to our rooms to unpack and settle in. All of our rooms are en suite and really tidy and they have bunk-beds, wardrobes and plenty of space to store our things and move around. After a long day on the road, no doubt we’ll all be getting a good sleep ready for a fun day at the market and Notre Dame tomorrow!
Bonne nuit!