Avez-vous vu Classe 5?

You may have noticed that Year 5 (well most of them) have gone missing this week! Well, don’t worry, they have been spotted at various locations in and around Paris!

Their first full day began with a continental breakfast of cereals, yoghurts, bread, yummy condiments and fruit, all washed down with juices and / or hot chocolate. They also got to make their very own baguettes for their packed lunch, filling them with a variety of yummy, French ingredients. Not a bad start to the day!

Year 5 were then seen setting off for a ‘clue trail’ around the local market town of ‘Brie Comte Robert’ where they experienced the peaceful, cobbled ‘rues’, the bustling traditional ‘marche’ and had the opportunity to try out their French phrases: ‘c’est combien ca?’, ‘merci beaucoup monsieur / madame’, ‘s’il vous plait’. After half an hour of haggling, bartering and bargain hunting they boarded the coach for the centre of Paris! En route they spotted many interesting sights such as a cloud making factory and a pea-sorting factory…oh and the Eiffel Tower! However, this was not their final destination…

After a spot of lunch outside ‘Le Louvre’ (in the beaming, glorious, Parisian sunshine), they headed for the famous ‘Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris’, where they had the chance to see the largest stained glass window in the world (10 metres in diameter). Here they pointed out the famous gargoyles, and many of the children lit candles, making a wish or saying a quiet prayer for their loved ones at home.

It was then back to the Chateau for time to relax, write in journals, tidy rooms have a kick-about, play a spot of tennis and get ready for dinner, followed by an evening of boules and crepe making.

Just now, they were spied entering the Chateau to make crepes! What a great way to end the day, especially as it is shrove Tuesday!

Stay posted for another update tomorrow.

Bonne nuit!!