School Council

Brecknock has a very active and engaged School Council who meet fortnightly. These meetings are very important as the children discuss a wide range of topics, which have been raised by the classes they represent. It is a chance for pupils to have their say.

Elected representatives from each class from years 2 to 6 sit round the conference tablet and discuss ways they think might improve the school. They vote on their priorities and then set about making an action plan. Over the years issues these have ranged from the school environment, what makes lessons more interesting to playground rules.

The school council representatives develop their skills of listening, organisation, negotiation, presentation, persuasion and passion for making Brecknock the best it can be for all pupils.

They present their work in assemblies and join in an annual debate with other Camden schools. Brecknock school council has a strong voice, which is valued by us all. To be elected as a school council rep, children have to make a presentation to their class about why the want to represent them. It is a valued job, and often very competitive.