Spider Invasion!

Oh no! Spiders have invaded our class!

This week reception class have been taken over by swarms of spiders!

Our class book this week in Aaaarrggghh Spider! by Lynda Monks, a lovely story about a spider who wants to become a family pet.  After reading the story, the children talked about how the spider was feeling at different points in the story.  Then they used their imagination to describe what would make a good pet for our class.  We had some wonderful ideas, including butterflies, dinosaurs, and monsters!  Have a look at some of our fantastic pictures!

In maths we have been using words such as ‘in’, ‘on’ and ‘under’ to describe positions.  We also used our artistic skills to make spider models, and used shiny glitter to make beautiful pictures of spider webs. Some of us went on a bug hunt in the playground and caught a real spider!