1M’s Magic Toy Factory!

Well, since the Magic Toymaker made his first visit, 1M have been extremely busy. They waited patiently for The Magic Toy Shop and Factory to open, and this week they finally did!

First, the children told the Magic Toymaker what they already know about toys. Then they asked questions using their wonderful question words, such as:

“Could toys come to life?” – Memati
“Why are toys so special?” – Tori-Lee
“Where do toys come from?” – Drew
“Did children play with toys in the past?” – Saida
“How do babies play with toys?” – Musa
“Can adults play with toys?” – Natasha

1M’s next job was to place orders for the magic toy order box, which has a special red button and aerials to send a signal to the Magic Toymaker wherever he is in the universe! The children placed not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 28 orders! That means our toy factory has been very busy this week as the children worked super duper hard to make as many toy orders at they could. We now have rockets, a castle, a toy cat and many more marvellous toys to enjoy!

If you are in the area and want to visit our Magic Toy shop and Factory, we are open for business!