1 Middle Floor Hall

Large hall used for assemblies, shows and other special events as well as Dance in PE.

2 Roof Playground (with trampoline!)

Used by Year 3 and 4 at playtime and by KS1 for lunchtime play.

3 Top Floor

KS2 Corridor - classrooms for each year group from Year 3 to Year 6. School Library is on this floor too.

4 Middle Floor

KS1 corridor - class-rooms for each year 1 and 2 class. Also the kiln, the ICT suite, the digi-tal media mac suite, head and dep-uties offices and the staffroom are all located on this floor.

5 Ground Floor

EYFS, Children’s Centre and the school office are all located on this floor. The Children’s centre has a private outdoor space to the front of the building. Nursery and Reception have three free flow rooms each and their own private outdoor playground to the side of the building.

6 Ground Floor Hall

Large hall used for P.E. and some special events.

7 Playground

Large paved area with basketball and football nets (in picture) and adventure style playground to the right (out of picture).