Year 5 find their inner Fashionistas!!!

What do you want to do when you grow up? That is a question we were asked in Year 5 this week, but why?

This week at Brecknock it was Work Week, when you learn about different careers. So let’s jump right in…

From Monday 5th – Friday 10th June, Year 5 were learning about Ethical Fashion, which is fashion that’s environmentally friendly. Team Cumaica have been working non-stop all week trying to make the best items they can. We had Dream Chokers, Passion crop tops and many other exciting creations.

And then, guess what? We had a fashion show! With judges from The Barbican, Phoenix magazine, the world of architecture and more. Each group had one person to explain their design to the judges, then a chosen song would go on and the model would strut down the catwalk with sassiness and confidence.

As the name Dreamcatchers was called out, a ray of excitement and anxiety zoomed through my body. I walked over to the computer and awaited my cue. As Zoe turned her head, I played the music and our majestic model strutted down the catwalk with a smile painted across her face. Then our handsome male model, Abdulraman, strutted down the catwalk showing off his amazing t-shirt while the crowd sang along making up awesome dance moves (Nima I definitely noticed yours).

As the judges said, “thank you,” and everybody clapped, I felt really proud of myself and my team, even though we didn’t win.


Bye Brecknock Community,