World Book Day 2019

Brecknock continued its wonderful tradition of delivering yet another brilliant World Book Day. The children looked like Mr Fox, FANTASTIC! The effort that went in from staff, children and parents to make the day a success was     phenomenal! Well done everyone and congratulations to the winners, who were taken to Owl Book Store to purchase a book of their choice.

Thank you to everyone who donated to Book Aid. It is a worth while cause that enables the less fortunate the opportunity to read.

Although there was a plethora of nominations from pupils across the school, the winning book for KS1 in the Book Oscars was Vegetable Glue, the runner up books were: Begu, Matilda and The Cat in the Hat.

In KS2 the winner was Harry Potter and the runner up: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Twits and Fantastic Mr Fox (with the same number of nominations) and War Horse.

The author Frann Preston Gannon, author of the award winning book, ‘The Journey Home'(which offers a powerful message about conservation), gave an enlightening assembly and workshop about her process for writing and illustrating books. She is dyslexic and explained to the pupils that despite this obstacle she has become a successful author and illustrator. The pupils in Year 1 and 2 made pop up books of some of the characters from her book.

The author, Sarah Holding – author of the Seabean Triology, visited  KS2 and told pupils about the inspiration for her books and the journey they took her on. She has developed into a cli-fi writer, which is an author that deals with climate change and global warming. The first two of her books are set in the past, while the third takes place in the future – typical of the cli-fi genre. The school can order her book, at a discounted rate, if they did not get the chance to meet her at the book signing after school. It costs £12 (for three books sold as one). Please tell the office if you wish to place an order.