We went pond dipping!

Last week Nursery went pond dipping at Gillespie park!.

We were so excited to be pond dippers. We all had nets and collecting trays and ┬ádiscovered all kinds of amazing life in the pond. We were so thrilled to find lots and lots of tadpoles also. This made us keen to look in our school pond. We cleaned the weeds and Rachel topped up the water. When we looked at the pond a day later we could seen the bottom and the water was so clear. We were happy to see our two fish had survived the whole of winter and they were busy swimming around.We also noticed lots of Ramshorn water snails around the edge of the pond under the surface. Lots of us wanted to hold them so we carefully caught a few (they don’t move very quickly !) and looked at the shape of their shells which are very different to our giant African snails or the snails we find in the garden.