Ready. Steady. Go!

What are the highlights of your Brilliant Brecknock year? The breath taking shows, mind blowing trips and of course our jubilant Sports Day!

Filled with thrill and competition, Brecknock’s sports day is definitely not an event to be skipped by anyone in the Brecknock community. Contest, achievement and teamwork: the three ingredients needed for success on a day like the 24th May 2017. Annually held on emerald Parliament Hill, where the sun beat down, our delightful Sports Day couldn’t have been so amazing without the help of the P.E coaches teachers, parents and children.

As well as the competitive running races, everyone took part in the ‘egg n spoon race’, the sack race, the three legged race, and many other activities. Under the cloudless sky, the older year groups positively helped out the younger students, while also having a great time, in the races. Though the sun was beating down, there were smiles all around as children cheered on their classmates and friends during the running races.

As I got into position to begin the sprint, I couldn’t help my legs from shaking and my heart beating louder than imaginable. It looked like I wouldn’t make it, my competition was tough, alarm and panic loomed above me like a thunderous cloud. But then, out of nowhere, I heard the cheering of my classmates and a rush of thrill darted through my anxious body like the blood through my veins. “Go!” I lifted my feet off the running track, my heart pounding. I did it. I soared over the finish line my fellow runners not far behind me. I walked back to my class and I thought about this wonderful day, shared with my friends, and hoped there would be many like it.

by Blog Committee – Zoe