Oh what a week!

Welcome back to all of our children and families in Reception.

Oh what a surprise we had when we came back into school! There were huge footprints around the room.We investigated and concluded that they belonged to a bear!!!

How did we know?….. We found lots of evidence. Apart from the footprints we found long tall wavy grass, mud, sand, a snow storm, a river and many more things that lead us to believe that this wasn’t just any old bear. We were convinced it was the bear from our author study book, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen. We were not happy 🙁

We made signs saying ‘Bears keep out’ and’ No bears allowed’. On Friday we will taking part in debate day when Bears will be our chosen topic to debate.

Look at some of the other learning things that have taken place  when we haven’t been bear hunting!