Mysterious happenings in Year 1…

When the Year 1 classes arrived at their classroom after lunch, they were shocked to find the doors locked!

We had to go to the hall for the register while the keys were being searched for. While we waited, we talked about what might have happened:

“Somebody might be pushing the door shut,” suggested Jake.

“Someone might have stolen your key.  It might have been the rabbit,” Leo said.

Nimete and Federica told us that something strange had appeared in the corridor. We all went to investigate. A strange trail of toys was winding down the corridor.

When Daniel saw the first toy of the trail outside the hall he commented, “Perhaps they’re part of the mystery.”

We followed the trail of toys to the Year 1 classrooms and on the way, Sofia spotted the key to the doors. It was hidden in a cup!

When we got into the classrooms, we found silver boxes in the middle of the carpet with a special note on the top from a mystery person. Inside the box were lots of games for us to play.

While we enjoyed the games, we chatted about who could possibly have been into our classrooms and left the boxes.

“I think it was the magic toy giver,” Ethan commented, “he came in the classroom and left a box of toys.  And he left the key in a cup.  He didn’t want us to see how he looks.”

“I think it’s somebody who’s sneaky.  It could be someone with magic toys and magic powers,” Kingsley.