Sumatra’s writing impresses author Katherine Rundell!

Katherine Rundell was super impressed by Sumatra’s writing which was based on a passage in her book ‘Wolf Wilder’. Check out her email to the class:

Dear Ms Frazer-Thomas and Year 6,

I am writing this very fast indeed, as I’m in Zimbabwe (which is where I grew up) in the middle of a thunderstorm, and sometimes the electricity vanishes without warning if the lightning comes too close. I wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonderful, funny, clever, bold writing. I absolutely loved reading it: the kinds of people you were describing leapt from the page. Please keep writing and reading and imagining forever, year 6: I mean it very seriously when I say, we need people like you.

With very best wishes
and lots of thunder and rain!

Kate Rundell

Nice one Sumatra class!