China – propaganda posters

Today was the second session with Harriet from the University of Westminster. The lesson started with the children telling Harriet all the things they had discovered on the Chinese provinces and their economies during their research since she was last with them as well as briefly discussing the class debate they had held on the ‘single child policy’ in China.

Then it was time to look at some Chinese propaganda posters. An online database/website has been created for this project which the children have individual logins to. Using the ipads, the children browsed through the database of posters, studying them closely and thinking about what the imagery could represent and the messages being conveyed. The children had some wonderful ideas and really impressed Harriet with what they came up with. For the poster below Amelia wrote:

‘I see a picture of a Chinese man in a circle surrounded by rays of light that make him look like a face within the sun, and there are a lot of people under the picture putting their hands up like they are waving and it is surrounded by a red background. Also he is untouchable. To me it looks like he is an influential hero to all those people and will always be remembered.’

china poster

As the project develops the children will be adding more and more resources to this online database with the idea being that in the future this can be used by other groups studying China.