A stroll along Regent’s Canal

As part of our unit on ‘Sand and Water’, the Nursery children decided to find out what local people (like us!) use the local canal for… so we decided to take a stroll!

We thought that perhaps people like to eat their lunch by the canal as well as go for a swim on a hot day. We talked about seeing boats and ships, ducks and geese on the canal too.

We asked our mums and dads to come along too – we had a procession of 50 strong!

We stopped for a snack and watched the canal with intense interest… As it goes, people use the canal for all SORTS of things! We saw people working, sleeping, eating, rowing and relaxing by the canal. It was a busy place.

We were lucky enough to be by the St Pancras Lock when the Lock Master opened the lock for two house boats – it was so exciting!

Next week we are thinking about the different jobs that use water for their work… I wonder if a trip to the Fire Station is in order…