A Day to Remember Nature

On Monday 12 children from across the school took part in “A Day to Remember Nature” at Central St Martins art college.  The children created three beautiful paper theatres which they used to act out stories to remember nature.  Students and staff from the art college were invited to watch the nature stories.  They also created a 6metre walkway of leaves and sticks to remind people of nature by the sounds, smell and feel as they walked along the leaves.  At the end of the walkway the children handed the participants little parcels of seeds to plant.

The children took part in and observed the different nature activities and performances going on at the event.  They created seed bombs, played extinction bingo, watched avant garde performances and interacted with a silent walking tree.  It was a wonderful opportunity for these children to experience an art event.  We were so impressed by their confidence when interacting with the public, well done everyone!

Thank you so much to Helen, Irene and the organiser Phil who enabled this to happen.