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Don’s Group – Speed Tables

Times tables are really important in maths. If you know them and can recall the facts quickly then it will help nearly all your maths work. There are a lot of online games you can play on Mathletics and other websites.

You can also practice without a computer using these ‘Speed Tables’. Click here to open a file and print them off. There are 3 levels. Start with the first page, then as you improve try the second. Once you can complete the table fairly quickly see how you get on with the third page – a decimal speed table!

In class we see how many we can do in 5 minutes of the second table. The record by a Brecknock child with me is an incredible 2 minutes and 26 seconds to get all 144 answers!

So far this year, our best is 142 correct answers in 5 minutes by Jay. Can anyone beat his best and start to get close to the Brecknock record?