In the daily Maths lesson, we place emphasis on learning key number skills and then applying them to solve problems. In the Early Years and into Key Stage One, pupils use hands-on resources regularly to support them in grasping number concepts, moving on to pencil and paper methods as soon as they are ready. Across the school, children spend a part of every lesson recalling number facts or solving calculations quickly in their heads.

In Years 3 – 6, there is an additional ‘I Can Do Maths’ session in which pupils tackle maths questions in order to consolidate and extend skills they have been learning throughout the year.

We believe that it is important for children to know key number patterns by heart. For example we expect children to learn their times tables and set aside time in school for them to practise and test their knowledge. Please click here to see a copy of the mathematics calculation policy. Please click here for a copy of the key mental skills required for each year group.