A Learning Journey

Whole School Curriculum Map

The wider curriculum is taught through a variety of topics that are designed to spark the curiosity of the children and engage them in finding out about people, places, ideas and their history and how all these have contributed to the way the world is now. For example:

Year 3 – ‘Saving the World’

Teachers plan a range of engaging and exciting activities that challenges children’s thinking, stimulates their interests and heeds their ideas. This learning journey is on display to show the children that all learning is meaningful and links together.

The learning space is transformed to immerse the children.

Teachers seek every opportunity to enrich children’s learning through educational visits and visitors to the school.

It also links to their Home Learning Matrix.

The topic ends with an ‘Exit Point’ that showcases lots of the learning that has taken place (examples include performances, writing and recording news reports and taking part in live debates).