Curriculum Overview

We are proud of the opportunities we provide to children at Brecknock Primary School. We rigorously teach core skills to ensure children enter each stage of their learning confident and ready to be challenged. As part of this, children are exposed to a range of rich, engaging arts and cultural experiences that are vital to their well-being and holistic development. Our creative, thematic curriculum is designed as a vehicle to engage and inspire all children. Our aim is to develop confident, articulate and resilient young people who are ready to face the challenges of modern society. We provide opportunities for children take risks, learn from mistakes and discover, explore and develop passions that they will take into adulthood. Every day, we reinforce five key messages:


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Much of the children’s learning centres around cross-curricular learning journeys. Over the last five years we have adapted and amended the whole school curriculum map to ensure thematic learning connects subjects and learning outcomes across all phases. Initially, we adopted aspects of the International Primary Curriculum, a thematic, comprehensive, creative curriculum, with a clear process of learning and specific learning goals for every subject. The approach develops international mindedness and encourages personal learning. Over time, the curriculum has been carefully adapted to suit the needs of Brecknock children. Pupils explore subjects, learn and link facts and have opportunities to be creative in their response to their learning. We seek every opportunity to enrich children’s learning through educational visits to places both near and further afield. This might be to a museum, gallery or park with activities linked to the topic being studied in class. We also invite visitors into school. This might be an author, artist or expert who shares their inspiration and expertise and works with the children for part of the day. Teachers carefully plan and sequence topics with rich arts experiences in mind and develop and embed knowledge, skills and understanding that is meaningful to their lives. The learning journey ends with an ‘Exit Point’ that showcases lots of the learning that has taken place. In the past this has included performing plays, writing and recording news reports and taking part in live debates.

Each term there is a subject bias which helps ensure the curriculum is broad and rich, embeds core skills and still meets National Curriculum requirements.  The curriculum continues to be flexible to ensure children’s interests are heeded and we prioritise teaching in a creative and engaging way.

Additionally, Brecknock offers a wide range of arts and cultural opportunities for our children, from musical instrument lessons, after school clubs, artists in residence, theatre and museum trips and concerts in school. The school works effectively in partnership with a range of arts and culture providers. Brecknock holds very close ties with Camden Music hub among other external organisations such as the Unicorn Theatre, Guildhall School of Music, City of London Musicians’ Company, Camden SPARK, The Estorick Collection and more.

Community events throughout the year give children opportunities to showcase their talents to the wider community in settings such as the Royal Albert Hall and The London O2 arena. Many children engage in extracurricular provisions such as choir, music lessons, and dance and art clubs. Children are actively involved each year in preparing, organising and delivering live shows, debates and poetry performances.

As a Rights Respecting Gold School, children’s rights are promoted and realised, and adults and children work towards this goal together: it weaves throughout everything we do. Authenticity and mutual respect are promoted and we celebrate the diverse nature of our school by relating the curriculum to relevant cultures.  We ensure that children understand and demonstrate the importance of mutual respect, good manners and exemplary standards of behaviour. Debate and poetry dates linked to the Rights Respecting agenda create meaningful learning experiences and provide a vital outlet for self-expression and creativity. Community events celebrate differences and bring parents, carers and staff together.